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Q:  What kind of food do you serve?

A:   We serve made to order Neapolitan style pizza, as well as salads, appetizers, and desserts.  


Q:  How do you cook your pizza?

A:  Our pizza is cooked in a Stefano Ferrara brick oven, handcrafted in Naples, Italy.  The oven cooks at a temperature of about 850-900 degrees Fahrenheit. 


Q:  What is Neapolitan pizza? 

A:  Neapolitan pizza is the most authentic form of pizza making, originating back to Italy, the birthplace of pizza.  Later variations of this pizza were made by Italians who arrived in America, thereby giving birth to "New York Style" pizza.  


Q:  What type of ingredients do you use?  

A:  We use a 00 Caputo flour from Italy, as well as peeled Italian San Marzano tomatoes for our homemade red sauce.  We have quality imported meats and cheeses, which we slice in-house on a daily basis.  We focus as much as possible on locally sourced vegetables and the freshest cheeses.   


Q:  What are your hours?

A:   We are open Thursday 5 - 9 PM Friday and Saturday 12 - 10 PM (Lunch Menu 12 - 4 PM) and Sunday 5 to 9 PM.


Q:  Where are you located?

A:   1200 East Adams in historic downtown Brownsville.  We are proud to occupy the corner space at the JH Fernandez y Hermano building, a Registered Texas Historic Landmark.  The building was built in 1883, and much of the original components of the building remain intact in our space.


Q:  Why does your pizza look "burned"?

A:  Our pizza isn't burned.  In fact, the outer crust may sometimes have black dots, which is a reaction from the dough cooking at almost 900 degrees.  Our dough is a special recipe that results in a puffier crust and soft inner portion so that the pizza hangs down a bit when you pick it up.  This is perfectly normal and it should taste very good.  However, if you actually taste ash or burned flavor on our pizzas, please let the server know.


Q:  What type of alcohol do you serve?

A:  We have a beautifully curated wine list with approximately 50 wines. Our beer list revolves a couple times per quarterly, typically with as many as 20 craft beers on hand.  


Q:  Do you have outdoor seating?

A:  Yes, we have a beautiful patio space located in the interior courtyard of the Fernandez y Hermano building.  We have an occupancy limit of 49 outdoors, and there is no smoking permitted per City Ordinance.


Q:  Do you take reservations?

A:  We do take reservations via OpenTable. Seating is limited. We encourage you to access this option via our website. 


Q:  How big are your pizzas?

A:   Our pizzas are about 11-12" in diameter.  Most people eat anywhere from 1/2 of a pizza (typically with an appetizer) to an entire pizza on their own.


Q:  Do you have vegan options?

A:  Yes, we are proud to offer a vegan cheese option


Q:  Do you have gluten-free pizza?

A:  Yes, we have gluten-free pizza crusts available for a small upcharge.


Q:  Do you have a menu?

A:  Yes, please visit the menu portion of our website. Our menu changes several times per year.  We also regularly feature off-menu items that your server will let you know about.